In english

My name is Pirjo Saarnia. I was born in the year 1969 in Säynätsalo (near Jyväskylä, in the middle of Finland). Now I live with my family in Hollola (10 km from Lahti).  

I am a licensed nutritionist, therapist and writer. I have studied nutrition and medicine at Kuopio university for five years and I graduated in 1999. Before that I have studied two years at commercial institute in Jyväskylä.

Quite soon I realised, that nutrition and health is the right career for me. Health, medicine, psychology and nutrition has allways interested me. So, I studied nutrition, medicine and psychology at Kuopio university in 1994-1999. After that, I worked as a nutrition therapist, teacher and lecturer, and I have also worked in many different projects. These nutrition projects handled diabetes, military service and their nutrition, overweight and figure skating. Last seven years I have worked as an entrepreneur, which gives me a possibility to work with many kinds of nutrition projects.

I write and lecture a lot about nutrition and health. I have written almost 100 articles about healthy food and nutrition, and I have written four books , which are published by Otava. My first book tells about graving sweet (Irti makeanhimosta, Otava 2008) and the other book is called "The health effects of food" (Ruoan terveysvaikutuset, Otava 2009). Third book handles fats and it is called "Better health with good fats" (Rasvoilla parempaa terveyttä). My last book (published in 2013) tells how to cook healthy and tasty food in 15 minutes. In Finnish it is called "Terveellistä ruokaa vartissa" (=healthy food in fifteen minutes). 

I´ve been part of the health team in Hyvä Terveys-magazine (magazine about good health) and a nutrition therapist in ET-magazine (magazine for people over 50-years of age). I have also worked in a project, which tries to get a finnish flaxseed more known and used in our country. I have also co-operated with finnish and scandinavian young figure skaters and television producer (Moskito Television Oy). 

Besides this official medicine and nutrition, I have always been interested in alternative medicine and natural health. I am interested in high-quality natural produtcs and food supplements, herbs and also traditional chinese medicine. In my younger years I red Alfred Vogel's book "Luonto, paras lääkitsijä" (Der kleine Doktor), and I felt, that A.Vogel had the same philosophy about food and health than I do.

My mission is to get people eat more healthy way and feel better and healthier. A healthy food should always be the number one thing, but many of us need high-quality supplements and natural products in our diet. 

All the time I try to find new ways to affect people's health and eating habits. I also seek for new opportunities to co-operate with new partners, who have the same philosophy and principles about nutrition (and life) than I do - a good nutrition and high-quality products are very important things for our health.